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Daniel D.

Did you know friendini.com is a registered domain? I wonder who's behind "Manhattan Studios", the domain owner...

Tom Guarriello

What kind of idiotic construction is, "Traumatic Friendship Stress Disorder?" This is the kind of cheapening of truly debilitating conditions that leads people to think that any kind and level of emotional distress is equivalent with any other.

Shame on these people for their facile cleverness. They've debased the experience of victims of life-altering experiences by implying, through their disingenuously cheap use of language, that, somehow, meeting too many people on line today is in the same league as the PTSD we'll see for decades as a result of the war in Iraq.

I say, deny them tenure.

Peter Hirshberg

This post generated several comments on this blog and at Auren Hoffman's.

Yes I am very familiar with Manhattan Studios which actually registered Friendini...it was one of the first Silicon Alley ventures and is run by my dear friend and colleague Pam Meyer who coined the term Friendini, and is now about to launch several social networking services that are advances beyond Craigslist or Linked In. And she's been getting offers offers on Friendini.com domain for a while.........stay tuned for her efforts. In the mean time it struck me as a great brand name to use to make fun of sites that offer the possibility of more "friends" than you know what to do with.

But not eveyone saw the satire. Or perhaps readers just got pissed. Tom (above) thinks "Traumatic Friendship Stress Disorder" makes light of real diseases. The point of the language is to evoke the cadence of a real disorder to make people look at the superficiality of what passes for friendship today. It was not to make fun of those injured in Iraq.

Auren Hoffman blogged this post at http://summation.typepad.com/summation/2005/01/young_people_ov.html and got another critical comment. "Perhaps the proper question here is whether people are underwhelmed (rather than overwhelemed) by friends because they fail to see something in the reltionship that triggers a moment, an idea, and action that is shared or conveyed?"

Thats a great question!

Helen Robertson

friends either build you up or pull you down. Count how many lame ducks you have in your life as opposed to how many people are a possitive contribution to you as a person. Friendship at its very best is based on trust.


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I am sure that every person can cope with this social onslaught by his or her own. Everyone must pay attention to it and control it.

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