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Teri Citterman

I have attempted to buy for brides off a Macy's registry, however, 9 out of 10 times, the store is out of most of the items. When they call other stores, they too are out. It's amazing.

As a bride, I registered with Amazon, which I HIGHLY recommend. Smooth sailing for all our guests domestic and international. Even when one Riedel wine glass showed up shattered (they came in a set), Amazon, was quick to respond by sending us another pair.


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Conrad Olivier

Amazing. I have a slightly problematic experience sending a gift through Target. My cousin did receive the camping stove however he had no idea who it was from until I asked if he had received it.


Thanks for the information...I bookmarked your site, and I appreciate your time and effort to make your blog a success!


LOL. Clever analysis, and I'll be back to read more! Thanks.

Samantha Pilary

Very nice post!



Hi Peter, awesome post and you are totally spot on w.r.t. Amazon ruling the wedding registry space.

Do you know of any registry that "links" to all other registries, i.e. 1 place where I can pick items from different retailers, and send all my guests to that 1 site ?

I searched and came up with myregistry[dot]com, however, it does not seem like it is any good (low traffic rank, no reviews anywhere on their services, plus a mile long "registration" page to get an account !)

Please let me know if you have any info...

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Oh, that just sucks big time. At least they should just warn the consumers. This will get them angry, and of course you don't want an angry consumer don't you?

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I love macy's and did not encounter any problems with them, same with my other clients but highly appreciate your point of view.

Craig Kerstiens


I came across your blog post while doing some research on the registry space. Just recently getting married I experienced much of what you're talking about first hand along with other issues of duplicate gifts (due to stores mishandling items), changes in prices, inability to show which items I want most, and others.

I'm actually located in the valley, and became frustrated enough with the problem myself and some developers started working on what will be a solution to the problem. After several months of slaving away on engineering we have a site that hopefully solves most of these problems quite well. We integrate with traditional registries to allow many guests to shop in store and online. For the guests shopping online through our site we offer price comparrison and show multiple stores the product is available at. The site is: http://www.registrystop.com in case you know couples in the future that will be registering, or if you have any other thoughts/feedback on the space we would love to hear them.



@Leonard I'd recommend checking out Wishpot ( http://www.wishpot.com/ ) as a one-stop registry and wish list site. Full disclosure I work there, but I truly believe it is the best universal registry on the market.

In addition, per Peter's point about Mashup's and APIs, Amazon has actually discontinued their Wish List and Registry APIs as of October 2010. We have a RESTful-OAuth-based set of APIs for developers looking to build interesting mashups, and we're not beholden to any particular store, so all wishes are first-class citizens:


Would love to help any enterprising developers build cool things.


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Excellent post Peter, thank you!

Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO) is an extraordinary visionary just like Steve Jobs in his field.

No wonder Amazon revenue hit 30B last year. (while giant like Walmart "only" made 3.5B)

Best Regards,


"... Macy's would only credit the return back to the original purchaser, not to the bride's account"...

Is this still true? I checked Macys' wedding registry FAQ:
"You have one year from the purchase date to return and exchange items purchased from a registry.... You may exchange or return most merchandise for a full refund, less shipping charges, based on the original form of payment, within 180 days of purchase. If you are returning a gift, you will receive a store merchandise credit."
Source: http://www1.macys.com/service/returns/policy.jsp

I would appreciate comments/confirmation as I'm split even between Amazon and Macys right now! I originally had all my items on Amazon. The only reason I went back to Macys and painfully recreated my registry was the convenience of being able to return stuff in-store.


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I agree with you. Amazon is the way to go! Even though Amazon is huge now, I think it will be the merchant of the future! Beware all other retailers, the Amazon beast is here!


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