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Great example of customer service at least TRYING to use twitter to help customers. Not my experience with United Airlines with whom I've had a most unfortunate recent experience and tweeted it - even bothering to find their corporate twitter account and @ing them. No contact back, at all. Apparently, you have to be pissed enough to spend a weekend making a music video to get their attention: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5YGc4zOqozo

Jeff Jarvis

But they didn't fix it. They just found a new way to say you're screwed. That's why Comcast still sucks. The goal is to get the service you paid for working, no matter who you are. I'd still throw a stink.


I had a very different experience with @Comcastcares. My cable tv (also a triple play customer in rural VA)went out during the US Open Golf tournament (main reason I have cable is to watch golf) They fixed it remotely within a half hour and everything was back to normal.

Mary Baum

DT and Peter,

I notice a subtext here: If they fixed DT's cable for a golf game, were they mad Peter was using his residential service for business?

Did they want Peter to ask to upgrade to the business-class service? Peter, if you did, would they have fixed your outage? Or would they have told you there was a weeks-long delay for installation? (AT&T pulled that on a client of mine who had bought an existing business and just needed to transfer existing DSL . . . )

It kills me that these companies refuse to staff at levels to maintain service to paying customers - all in the service of a few points' worth of net earnings, so some VP's bonus can be a few thousand dollars bigger.

Tom O'Brien


One time on the phone with Sprint I was so mad I went (while on hold) and bought the domain name www.sprintmustdie.com

I recently let it expire because I don't have that much negative energy in me.

It strikes me that Comcast twitter presence is a nice effort, but essentially a band-aid on a mortal wound. They need to fundamentally change how they care for customers rather than chase the really p*ssed ones around on Twitter.

I appreciate the efforts of Frank & others, but really, where is the commitment to do something different?


John Zeisler

Peter - you should feel lucky. I spend $250 a month with Comcast, but when my internet connection crapped out it took 4 days to get a service call scheduled. Their CS couldn't/wouldn't escalate the call, blaming the delay on "the system". I immediately sent an email to the heralded "[email protected]", the email site to quickly resolve Comcast issues, but NEVER heard back. I guess they only look at Twitter feeds these days, not email.
Four days later the tech shows up, tests the line and announces that their system upgrade was overdriving my cable modem, and fixes it. No apologies, no credit for downtime, and now I've got to negotiate with them again just to see a credit for lost service.
Their days are numbered.

peter hirshberg

I must have been on nice pills. Jarvis is right--- I was bamboozled. To be fair the problem was intermittent. It was a real disaster when all my communications crashed repeatedly in the time leading up to my phone meeting with executives at NYSE. I was just plain lucky that I had sent a copy of the slides to a colleague moments before the outage so she could finish them and send them on.

By the time I was on the phone with comcast the service was up, but the rep said "we clearly see a low signal going to your modem, so we need to trouble shoot it. We have to send a guy out and we can't start troubleshooting in the neighborhood until after we visit you. And that will happen in two days." He now famously added "if you were a business customer we could do it sooner." In full disclosure he also added "if it weren't intermittent and you still had no service we could probably get to it sooner too." But since the service was so iffy all morning and they had confirmed they did see a signal strength problem that needed fixing i felt and still feel second class. Its also been 24 hours and no one from comcast has contacted me to set up an appointment to come out tomorrow (2 days into the incident as promised) and do the trouble shooting.

As to whether comcast was secretly unhappy that I was doing business on the line, I doubt it. Im sticking ( i have no choice--- they'll throttle me down if i dont) within their bandwidth requirements. And who doesnt work from home? Thats the whole point of the internet, which is their only growth business. If they were smart they'd actually try to sell me their business service... i might be interested in unrestricted bandwidth and faster response if it were properly packaged and marketed to me. I pay apple a few hundred dollars a year for better support (applecare on several macs, procare for better attention at the genius bar, mobile me and one on one) and am delighted that when i get into a jam they mostly provide great attention and real answers. Somehow apple figured out how to run a service business better than one of Americas most vital telecommunication service companies. And that's why Jarvis is right to demand stink throwing here.

Jeff you have my word, I'm not done yet!

Esteban Kolsky

Thanks for highlighting the problem I have been talking about for months!

ComcastCares is not a better solution for Twitter, it is just a faster escalation ticket into the company. Problems are only solved if they could have been automated (which they won't do) so essentially we are talking about putting 6-10 people to replace an automated process (rebooting modems in most cases) which would cost less -- but also produce less PR.

Twitter for CS does not solve issues, but it certainly does make for good PR.

I would not end this stream at their assertion that since you are not a biz customer you don't count (what they are saying) since that is an assinine way to do biz (which I know is their latest excuse for we don't know what we are doing -- i am certain you can find at least one biz customer with same problem and same answers as you had -- we don't have capacity to handle this problem).


Late to this but as a Comcast customer (185 per month) here are the problems and solutions I've been offered:

1. Complete system outage: from Comcast "might be back in three days". It actually came back two hours later but after I'd moved to a friend's house to finish a project.

2. Macbook wouldn't connect: Comcast: 'macs are always a problem, buy a PC'.

3. For every other problem regardless of what it is Comcast's solution is to unplug, take the battery out of the router, wait 15 minutes and all will be fine. Never works.

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Complete system outage: from Comcast "might be back in three days". It actually came back two hours later but after I'd moved to a friend's house to finish a project

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One time on the phone with Sprint I was so mad I went (while on hold) and bought the domain name www.sprintmustdie.com

I recently let it expire because I don't have that much negative energy in me.

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Complete system outage: from Comcast "might be back in three days". It actually came back two hours later but after I'd moved to a friend's house to finish a project

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