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If it is a real photo of that hurricane then iPode is not a big price for such a spectacle.


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That's kinda scary.. :) Good blog you got here mate.. keep up the good work.. :)

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it is ok


Good picture.

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woah! those waves are huge man! there are like giant waves already that are from oceans.. wew! very scary..

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woah! those waves are huge man! there are like giant waves already that are from oceans.. wew! very scary..

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Amazing hurricane photo!


This email is about two NYC artists that were put on trial in a NYC court without their knowledge by the tv network NBC and a NYC judge because former NBC CEO Jeff Zucker and Tim Kring of the American tv show " Heroes" were so desperate for ratings and hit tv shows, that NBC representatives are attending artists film screenings, art exhibits etc... to steal the artist copyrighted intellectual property to create content for NBC like the failed NBC TV Show "Heroes."
( Google ENJAI EELE or "MALLERY VS NBCU" to read more).
The lawsuit " Mallery vs NBCUl" which recently went before The Supreme Court is a great example of this fact.
Fraud? How about NBC employee Tim Kring doing an admission of guilt while the lawsuit "MALLERY VS NBCU" was before a NYC judge for copyright infringement.
Tim Kring did an admission of guilt in the media at:
Where Tim Kring states: "In Hollywood they say if Hitler wrote a great screenplay they'd send a limo to the airport to pick him up... Great creativity comes from everywhere, I was flubbed (before) and I didn't just want a show on the air, I wanted something big, bold and wanted to prove them wrong. Only problem was I didn't have an idea, so I was just left angry and worried about it... I lied and cheated and schemed and manipulated all the way through the idiocy that is the notes process when you do this, was able to push the production through relatively unscathed and in the form that it would work in.
That's how Heroes got on the air. It's not the most original idea in the world, you build and borrow. Just put these pieces together in the right way, at the right time, and on the right network".

Tim Kring didn't stop there.....
at http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/125/rebel-alliance.html written by David Kushner April 11, 2008 Tim Kring also stated to the media:" We are literally making up the parameters of the intellectual property that will take the networks into the next generation. We're the beta-testing ground. It's a wild west: There are no rules. Just take something and go try it".

Question: Why is Tim Kring " making up the parameter" of something that's already set?

The NYC artist that can paint the future on large canvas which was featured on "Heroes" is a original copyrighted character named "Idai Markus" based on a real life Luba divination artist named Enjai Eele.
Eele and his Twin Amnau Eele were first written about by arts editor Danny Simmons and writer Quashell Curtis in Russell Simmons "One World Magazine" July 2001 and The NY Daily News by Daily Beast and NY Magazine editor Lloyd Grove on August 5, 2004 article titled: "Future Tribeca Stars"?
The "One World" magazine and NY Daily News articles led to "The Twins" as we are known in the NYC art world to being invited to screen our 15 minute short film "The Letter" starring Robert Deniro , our Luba divination art on September 11,2001, our Luba divination art on the storms Katrina and Rita and our script/novel titled "The Twins: Journey Of The Soul " on the fictional character "Idai Markus the artist that can paint the future on large canvas before it happens" to the students in the art dept at Hunter College NYC April 2005 which was attended by NBC representatives like Bryan Fuller.
NBC claimed in court that they heard about our Hunter College show on the Associated Press and by September 2006 our Luba divination art, characters, concepts etc... were on the tv show " Heroes" as the number one show in America with a growing worldwide audience of over 45 million viewers.

Idai Markus the drug free NYC African-American artist that could paint the future on large canvas became Isaac Mendez the NYC Latino artist that could paint the future on large canvas , but only after he shot up drugs.
We filed a copyright infringement and defamation lawsuit against NBC in March 2007.
NBC then killed off the" artist that could paint the future with a dope problem" sending the fans into a rage,
Tim Kring became angry and called the show's few fans that were left "saps and Dip-shits for not watching and the rest of this tragic copyright crime is in the plaintiffs Supreme Court Cert in Washington, D.C.

NOTE: Why was the plaintiffs work so valuable to NBC?
Because the plaintiff, Luba Divination Artist Enjai Eele divined, painted and copyrighted before September 11, 2001 a "Luba Memory Board"(36x 48 inches, oil on canvas) titled: "The Atta Page" which depicted two planes crashing into the twin towers in NYC on 9-11 and the message that:
" A man named Atta will attack the twin towers on September 11 because there are 9 letters in the word Manhattan and 11 letters in the name Mohamed Atta and the name ATTA is in the word manh-ATTA-n and whenever the world look at the word manhATTAn, the world will always remember the name ATTA and what ATTA did to the twin towers and manh-ATTA-n on 9-11-01". copyright Eele 2001
Note: The Atta Page is the only painting of it's type worldwide.
The plaintiffs last art exhibition before the NBC lawsuit was at Danny Simmons "Rush Art Gallery" in NYC curated by Danny Simmons and hosted by Derrick Adams.
Note: Eele's painting ( A Luba Memory Board) of a terrorist blowing up a truck in Times Square NYC has been sitting in a NYC court since March 2007 in the lawsuit "MALLERY VS NBCU".
Eele's painting was right, because the terrorist tried to blow up a truck in Times Square NYC in 2010.
The terrorist is now on trial in a NYC court.

Jeff Zucker and Tim Kring took Eele's original copyrighted IP and made billions of dollars with it without Eele's permission.
NBC even used our great-great grandfather's symbol that was used by him to survive the trans-atlantic slave trade that landed him on a plantation in the deep south .
His symbol was used on the tv show "Heroes" and to show NBC executives where to park their cars in the L.A. California NBC parking lot.
Tim Kring had no problem accepting a Golden globe nomination and a NAACP image award for someone else's IP
Extortion, perjury, wire fraud,and many other crimes have been comitted in this lawsuit by NBC and Tim Kring.
We're not afraid of NBC and we are not going to stop until they pay for what they did un-lawfully with our copyrighted IP.
Our human and civil rights have been totally violated in this lawsuit and this lawsuit will prove that NBCU is nothing more than a greedy racist organized crime hate group that traffics in stolen copyrighted IP.


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It was worth visiting your blog.

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I've now moved out of the exploratory era and into the sustained monitoring era with DTrace.


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